Viveros Caliplant

Viveros Caliplant is a multidisciplinary company. The business lines of Caliplant have emerged based on a single objective: customer satisfaction.

We specialize in breeding, production and marketing of citrus, pomegranate, fruit trees, olive
trees, vines and ornamental.

In order to offer the best quality as we use highly advanced hydroponics with coconut fiber techniques. In addition, we have specialized in the research, development and registration of new plant varieties.

We offer products of the highest quality at very competitive prices. If the customer has the best materials, the probability of success is much greater.

Global assessment
We are a team of experts in different fields, allowing us to offer advice throughout
the agricultural production cycle: design plantings, varietal advice, facilities optimization, optimization of land, irrigation, plant health, international markets, etc. We specialize in fruit and vegetable cultivation, hydroponics, nurseries, citrus and pomegranate.