CarbonSinkGroup S.r.l. is a highly specialized consultancy company focused on the development of sustainability strategies and on the reduction of environmental impacts. Thanks to the recognition as an Academic Spin-Off by the Florence University, Department of Agrifood Production and Environmental Sciences and the professional background of its staff, CarbonSink has a wide experience in to developing projects and products aimed to reduce environmental impacts, with particular attention to mitigation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Furthermore, CarbonSink as a wide experience in design and implement agri-food and agroforestry projects aimed to reduce supply chain impacts related to food productions. Furthermore CarbonSink work in the climate finance sector, with several active project which successfully generated certified emission reductions. Following the needs of its clients, CarbonSink’s core projects are mainly located in Italy, Africa and Latin America (e.g. Mozambique, Ghana, Senegal, Kenya, Bolivia, Peru).

CarbonSink is a member of IETA (International Emission Trading Association) and the only Italian company accepted as a member of ICROA (International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance).

CarbonSink’s consultancy ranges in the following fields:

  • Climate Finance
  • Climate Change Adaption and Mitigation Projects
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Food Supply Chain Analysis