The first Spanish workshop of the LIFE SUBSED project – 29 November 2021

The Miguel Hernández University (UMH), with the contribution of Caliplant Agro and the entire consortium, organized the first Spanish workshop of the LIFE SUBSED project, entitled “SUBSED: Sustratos sustainibles para la agricultura a partir de sedimentos marinos remediados dragados: de puertos a macetas” (here the program).

The event was held on Monday 29 November 2021 as a bimodal workshop (participation possible both online and live): the first part of the meeting was dedicated to oral presentations, while the second part was dedicated to a visit to the experimental site managed by UMH within the framework of the LIFE SUBSED project.

In addition to the partners directly involved in the LIFE SUBSED project, the workshop hosted the presentations of some important guests: the LIFE SUBSED project consortium thanks Dr. Miguel Agulló (President of COITAGRA) and Prof. Edgardo Giordani, Professor of the University of Florence and coordinator of the LIFE HORTISED project (whose results are the foundations of the LIFE SUBSED project).

At the end of the oral presentation session, a discussion session was held between the participants and the representatives of the LIFE SUBSED consortium, and the effectiveness of sediment reuse for plant cultivation and the associated environmental benefits were discussed.

Here are the presentations exhibited during the workshop.

The consortium thanks all the participants for taking part at the event and for the interest shown in our initiative.

LIFE SUBSED at the FRUIT ATTRACTION 2021 – 05-07 October 2021

The Fruit Attraction international fair took place from 05 to 07 October in Madrid. Caliplant Agro S.L organized a series of meetings and seminars to present and illustrate the contents and activities of the LIFE SUBSED project.

Our Juan Miguel Rubio coordinated the technical team, composed by Juan Luis Jiménez Martínez and Oussama Hamza, in strong dissemination action in favor of the LIFE SUBSED project.

The technicians Juan Miguel Rubio and Oussama Hamza.


The technician Juan Luis Jiménez during a meeting with the Peruvian company Inka’s Berries, discussing the possibility of converting marine sediment into commercial substrate.


Aroa González, project financial manager for Caliplant Agro S.L, together with Pilar Legua and Pablo Melgarejo from UMH and the President of the Region of Murcia, Fernando Lopez Miras.


Antonio Luengo Zapata, Minister of Water, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Environment of the Region of Murcia, together with the director Víctor Serrano and the scientists of the Instituto Murciano de Investigación y desarrollo Agrario y Medioambiental.


Emilio Bascuñana Galiano, Mayor of Orihuela, together with Víctor Valverde Sáez, Councilor for Emergencies, Rural Development, Employment Promotion and Agriculture.


Víctor Roberto Serrano Conesa director of IMIDA, Instituto Murciano de Investigación y Desarrollo Agrario Medioambiental.


Caliplant’s technical team illustrating the LIFE SUBSED project to several visitors from various companies.


Amine Bennani, manager of STE PHYTO LOUKKOS SARL, a company based in Morocco, specialized in innovation in the field of plant protection and nutrition.


Mateu Chilet, Business Development Manager of Genesis Innovation Group, an international company highly specialized in the production of new protected varieties on a global scale.


The technical team of the Diamond Seeds company, S.L. specialized in the selection, production, development and marketing of vegetable variety seeds and member of the International Seed Federation (ISF) and of the Professional Association of Selected Seeds (APROSE).


Angel Pino, Research and Development director of the Anecoop Group, a group of Spanish citrus cooperatives very active in improving the environment.


Miguel Bilbao, technical director of Agrosana Servicios Agrícolas, a company with various areas of activity related to agriculture, operating both in the Region of Murcia and in the north-east of Almería.


Pedro Fernandez Henarejos Garre president of SOLTIR (Sol y Tierra Campo de Cartagena), a company operating in the marketing and distribution of fruit and vegetables at national and European level, together with Jose Antonio Martínez Sanchez, managing partner of the same.


Fernando Cosme, Director of the companies Torremendo lo Costa SL, Rambla Salada S.L and Proap SL, specialized in the cultivation of citrus, stone fruit and grapes.


Daniel Rivero, Director of Viveros Rivera, a gardening plant production and marketing company based in Malaga.


Members of the C.V.V.P – Compañía de Variedades Vegetales Protegidas.

UMH students visiting LIFE SUBSED trial sites – 16 October 2020

On 16 October 2020, students from the Miguel Hernández University of Orihuela participated in a visit to the trial sites of the LIFE SUBSED project managed by Caliplant.

The objectives and expected results of the LIFE SUBSED project have been illustrated to the students and, together with the Caliplant technicians, they evaluated the ongoing activities at the experimental site.

The LIFE Program and the European actions to support innovation in the field of environmental sustainability were also illustrated to the students.

The General Director of Symborg visiting LIFE SUBSED trial sites – 5 October 2020

On Monday 5 October 2020 the Caliplant team hosted Gala Garcia Imbernon, General Manager of Symborg, at the demonstration site where the cultivation trial of the LIFE SUBSED project are underway.

Symborg is a leading company in the production of biofertilizers and in the development of new biotechnologies for the agronomic sector.

During the meeting, Caliplant technicians illustrated the objectives and expected results of the LIFE SUBSED project and conducted a visit to the experimental sites where the small plants are growing.

The meeting allowed for an exchange of ideas and visions on the future and on the innovations that companies are called to introduce in their traditional production cycles, in order to make agriculture increasingly sustainable and to implement real models of circular economy.

Start of citrus cultivation trials in Spain

The cultivation trials of citrus cultivars foreseen in the LIFE SUBSED project have begun a few days ago in Spain at Caliplant premises.


Once the sediment has been received by Spanish partners, it has been used for the preparation of the substrate and finally used for the potting of the citrus seedlings.

Currently, the monitoring activity of plant progress have started, accompanied by the dissemination activities related to new activities.

LIFE Subsed at the 3rd National Congress “Fruta de Hueso” in Murcia – 6 March 2019

LIFE Subsed took part in the III national congress “Fruta de Hueso” ( thanks to the participation of the CaliPlant team. This event represented an important opportunity to meet stakeholders and operators of the sector. Below are some photos and information pages on the event and the article dedicated to CaliPlant and Subsed project.

Photo with Miguel Ángel Del Amor Saavedra, Minister of Agriculture of the Region of Murcia


Photo with Mari Carmen Salinas, Chairwoman of Thader Cieza


Photo with Santiago Martínez Gabaldón (President) and Carmen Hernandez Ortega (Quality Control), FECOAM (Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Murcia)


Photos with the technical and commercial team of Soltir Company


LIFE Subsed at Fruit Logistica in Berlin – 06-08 February 2019

Thanks to the participation of Caliplant at the international Fruit Logistica fair, which was held in Berlin from 6 to 8 January, the objectives and results of the LIFE Subsed project continue to be disseminated. The delegates of Caliplant had the opportunity to meet different stakeholders and policy makers of great importance for the success of the project and the achievement of the objectives set.

Presentation of the Life Subsed project at the Shaanxi Fruit Industrial Group and students of the University of Miguel Hernández – 23 November 2018

Caliplant presents Life Subsed to the delegates of the Shaanxi Fruit Group

On 23 November 2018 Caliplant welcomed to its plants some delegates of the Shaanxi Fruit Industrial Group Co. Ltd., an important Chinese customer engaged in the fruit and vegetable sector. During the visit the objectives and measures envisaged in the Life Subsed project has been illustrated, collecting observations from these important stakeholders.

Presentation of the Life Subsed project to the students of the Miguel Hernández University

On the same day there was an on-field visit of UMH‘s students, during which Professor Pilar Legua and Sergio Navarrete of Caliplant illustrated them the project Life Subsed.

Here are some photos of the day.

Life Subsed at SYA Orihuela 2018, in Spain – 22 November 2018

Life Subsed at SYA Orihuela 2018

Caliplant took part in SYA Orihuela 2018 – III Symposium Internacional del Sector Agroalimentario de la Vega Baja which was held in November in Orihuela (Spain).

Sergio Navarrete, Caliplant’s technician, provided the various subjects he met with information on Life Subsed and its objectives, as well as disseminating and presenting the information material of the project.