LIFE SUBSED at the XII SedNet International Conference (online) – 28 June-2 July 2021

The SedNet international conference entitled “Sediment Challenges and Opportunities due to Climate Change and Sustainable Development” this year took place online, from 28 June to 2 July (the program is available here).

The conference was attended by both the team of researchers from the CNR-IRET of Pisa and the team of researchers from the CREA-OF of Pescia.

During the event the groups gave some speech and presented posters relating to the objectives, actions and results of the LIFE SUBSED project.


Dr. Cristina Macci, from the CNR-IRET team, held the presentation entitled “Recovery and environmental recycling of sediments: CNR-IRET Pisa experience“, summarising all the projects in which the team has participated over the years focused on the treatment and the reuse of dredged sediments. By clicking on the preview below you can access and download the presentation in pdf!


The CREA-OF team prepared for the event an oral presentation and a poster about to the LIFE SUBSED project.

In the video below, Dr. Stefania Nin of the CREA-OF team holding the presentation entitled “Developing pattern in Prunus laurocerasus grown on sediment enriched substrates (LIFE SUBSED 17 ENV/IT/000347)” (available here in pdf format).


In the video below, also Dr. Stefania Nin of the CREA-OF team illustrates the contents of the poster entitled “Quality assessment in wild strawberry fruit and basil leaf from plants cultivated on dredged remediated sediment (SUBSED LIFE17 ENV/IT/000347)” (available here in pdf format).



LIFE SUBSED at the XIII edition of Giornate Scientifiche SOI – 22-23 June 2021

After a pause due to the difficult moment experienced with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Giornate Scientifiche SOI (SOI Scientific Days) returned in June 2021. The chosen theme, namely that of sustainability and how the objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda are declined by those in Italy who deal with research and dissemination in the field of horticulture, is perfectly in line with the contents of the LIFE SUBSED project.

The team of researchers from CREA-OF of Pescia brought LIFE SUBSED to the attention of the conference participants, through a presentation of the poster entitled “Sustainable substrates for agriculture from dredged remediated marine sediments: from ports to pots (LIFE 17 ENV/IT/000347)” (available here in pdf). Below is the recording of the presentation given by Dr. Maurizio Antonetti.