LIFE SUBSED and COP26: sediments and circular economy

CREA has signed the COP26 commitment for climate change and sediment management (Climate change and sediment management pledge), promoted and hosted by Navigating a Changing Climate and SedNet.

Dr. Stefania Nin, researcher at the CREA-OF in Pescia, was invited as a member of the SedNet WG on the topic “Sediments in Circular Economy” and as scientific director of the international LIFE SUBSED project.

LIFE SUBSED at the XIII edition of Giornate Scientifiche SOI – 22-23 June 2021

After a pause due to the difficult moment experienced with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Giornate Scientifiche SOI (SOI Scientific Days) returned in June 2021. The chosen theme, namely that of sustainability and how the objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda are declined by those in Italy who deal with research and dissemination in the field of horticulture, is perfectly in line with the contents of the LIFE SUBSED project.

The team of researchers from CREA-OF of Pescia brought LIFE SUBSED to the attention of the conference participants, through a presentation of the poster entitled “Sustainable substrates for agriculture from dredged remediated marine sediments: from ports to pots (LIFE 17 ENV/IT/000347)” (available here in pdf). Below is the recording of the presentation given by Dr. Maurizio Antonetti.

Presentation of LIFE SUBSED to Coldiretti representatives – 27 May 2021

The LIFE SUBSED project has been presented to the representatives of the Coldiretti association during a visit at Flora Toscana. Flora Toscana and CREA researchers and technicians illustrated the objectives, expected results and progress of the project. Particular attention has been paid to the issues of circularity and environmental sustainability.

In the photo above (from left): Marco Innocenti (Vice President of Flora Toscana), Paolo Batoni (Vice President of Flora Toscana), Maurizio Procissi (Head of the Pescia Coldiretti Office), Gianfranco Drigo (Director of Coldiretti Pistoia), Teodoro Cardi (Director of CREA -OF), Stefania Nin (CREA-OF researcher and scientific responsible of LIFE SUBSED) and Daniele Massa (CREA-OF Head of Pescia).

LIFE SUBSED at the “III incontro annuale del Centro di Ricerca Orticoltura e Florovivaismo” – 17 December 2020

During the “III incontro annuale del Centro di Ricerca Orticoltura e Florovivaismo” (III annual meeting of the Horticulture and Nursery Research Center), which was held online on 17 December 2020, Dr. Stefania Nin of CREA-OF presented the LIFE SUBSED project to fellow researchers (the slides presented are available here).

About 50 researchers from CREA participated in the event.

During the meeting the objectives and expected results of the SUBSED project were presented, together with the actions currently underway and the next steps towards the validation of the proposed technological solutions.

LIFE Subsed at the event organized for the Fascination of Plants Day in Pescia – 30 May 2019

The Fascination of Plants Day is the international day dedicated to the fascination of plants. Different events take place in different cities: in Pescia CREA organised an event dedicated to students of scientific and technological high schools and agricultural technical institutes, who took part in guided visits to the greenhouses and laboratories of the CREA headquarters in Pescia. During the event, the CREA team illustrated objectives and expected results of the LIFE Subsed project and distributed the dissemination material to the participating students.

LIFE Subsed at the Naturalitas exhibition at the Technical Agronomical Institute “D. Anzillotti” of Pescia (Italy) – 13-14 April 2019

Naturalitas is an important annual event that takes place at the Agronomical Institute of Pescia. The CREA team participated in this event by setting up a stand dedicated to the LIFE SUBSED project. The event is open to both researchers and students and to the general public, and it represented a precious opportunity to illustrate the objectives and actions of the SUBSED project and to distribute the information material produced by the beneficiaries.


Life Subsed at the conference “Sfide e opportunità di ricerca in orticoltura e florovivaismo: il ruolo del CREA” held in Pontecagnano (Italy) – 13-14 December 2018

On December 13th and 14th, the conference “Challenges and research opportunities in horticulture and floriculture: the role of CREA” was held in Pontecagnano, in the province of Salerno (here the agenda and the program of the event are available).

During the meeting the objectives and expected results of the project Life Subsed were presented by Dr. Stefania Nin of the project team of the CREA of Pescia.

Here are some photos of the event.