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  • Metabolomic Profile of Citrus limon Leaves (‘Verna’ Variety) by 1H-NMR and Multivariate Analysis Technique – Pablo Melgarejo Moreno, Dámaris Núñez-Gómez, Juan José Martínez-Nicolás, Francisca Hernández-García, Rafael Martínez-Font, Vicente Lidón, Francisco Garcia-Sanchez, Pilar Legua
  • Wild strawberry production on innovative sediment-based growing media: yield and food safety evaluation – G. Chini, D. Bonetti, F. Tozzi, M. Antonetti, S. Pecchioli, G. Burchi, G. Masciandaro, S. Nin
  • Effect of sediment-based growing media on cut flower production of calla lily – M. Castellani, D. Prisa, M. Antonetti, F. Tozzi, D. Bonetti, G. Burchi, C. Macci,
    S. Nin
  • Developing patterns in Prunus laurocerasus grown on sediment enriched
    substrates – F. Tozzi, M. Antonetti, D. Prisa, G. Burchi, A. Turchi, C. Macci, E. Peruzzi, S. Nin
  • Landfarming to valorize phytoremediated marine sediments for their reuse In nursery “LIFE Subsed LIFE17 ENV/IT/000347” – Macci, S. Doni, E. Peruzzi, F. Vannucchi, M. Castellani, G. Masciandaro (abstract for the XI International Symposium on Environmental Engineering)
  • Recovery and environmental recycling of sediments: CNR-IRET Pisa experience – Macci, S. Doni, E. Peruzzi, F. Vannucchi, S. Lucchetti, M. Castellani, G. Masciandaro (abstract for Sednet 2021, Lille University and Scientific Centre, Villeneuve d’Ascq, France).

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