LIFE SUBSED introduced to stakeholders – March 2022

In March 2022, the CNR of Pisa organized several meetings to present the LIFE SUBSED project to interested parties, who can play a pivotal role in the continuation of the project and the exploitation of the proposed solutions.

Below are some photos.

Grazia Masciandaro and Claudia Fiorentino, Purification Interventions, Sludge, Energy Efficiency and PNRR section for Acquedotto Pugliese


Grazia Masciandaro and Claudia Marchetti, head of the “Public works, civil protection and environment” service of the Municipality of Calci (Pisa, Italy)


Grazia Masciandaro and Salvatore Pisano, CEO of Navicelli Srl

Networking meeting with Luca Sittoni – 2 August 2021

On 2 August 2021, Cristina Macci, Grazia Masciandaro, CNR researchers and involved in the SUBSED project, met Luca Sittoni, senior advisor in the Ecosystem and Sediment Dynamics department of Deltares (Netherlands) and Program Manager and member of the EcoShape Building with Nature Management Team.

Cristina Macci and Luca Sittoni met in the “12th International SedNet Conference (online)” when, during the “Circular Economy” session, Cristina gave a presentation entitled “Recovery and environmental recycling of sediments: CNR IRET Pisa experience”, and Luca Sittoni gave the Keynote presentation “Beneficial Sediment Use and NatureBased Solutions: opportunities for sustainable and circular developments”.


During the meeting, the problem of sediments dredging and management was addressed, focusing on the importance of their remediation using natural technologies (NBS, Natuaral Based solution) and of their reuse.

In the Netherlands the sediments that comply with the limits set by national legislation, can be reused in the environment and also in agriculture, while in Italy it is not still possible.

This meeting gave rise to the interest in collaborating on future projects, in participating in the drafting of manuals containing case studies on sediment remediation and recovery (PIANC report on the Beneficial Use of Sediments) and the possibility of organizing a workshop to present their own experiences.

LIFE SUBSED took part in the SWAP Seasonal School of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna – 30 June 2021

From 28 June to 2 July 2021 the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa organized a series of workshops/webinars as part of its Seasonal School “The soil-water and plant continuum for urban and rural wastewater phytotreatment and contaminated site remediation (SWAP)“.

Dr. Masciandaro presented the LIFE SUBSED project during the day entitled “Phytoremediation of contaminated land and phytotreatement of polluted water: successfull case studies” (here the specific program).

The presentation shown during the intervention entitled “Phytotreatment techniques for dredging sediments: the LIFE AGRISED and LIFE SUBSED experiences” can be downloaded here.

LIFE Subsed at the seminar “Fitotecnologie per la Gestione e la bonifica di siti contaminati: esempi di buone pratiche” held in Pesaro – 04 March 2019

On Monday March 4th, the National Seminar “Fitotecnologie per la Gestione e la bonifica di siti contaminati: esempi di buone pratiche” (Phytotechnology for the Management and Reclamation of Contaminated Sites: Good Practice Examples) was held at the Pesaro Provincial Council Hall.

Dr. Grazia Masciandaro, first researcher at the CRN of Pisa, together with Prof. Giancarlo Renella of the University of Florence gave the speech entitled “Fitotecnologie per il reimpiego dei sedimenti fluviali contaminati” (Fitotechnology for the reuse of contaminated river sediments).

The event represented an important opportunity to illustrate objectives, actions and expected results of the LIFE Subsed project. The discussion then focused on the landfarming process to be used as the main technology in the remediation of sediments and other environmental matrices, or as a final refinement process (as proposed in the Subsed project).

The seminar also allowed for a strengthening of relations with important stakeholders in the sector:

  • Andrea Sconocchia, REMTECH scientific committee and GdL Manager Fitoremedio RECONNET;
  • Paolo De Angelis, DIBAF – University of Tuscia;
  • Massimo Fagnano, Dia / CIRAM – University of Naples;
  • Marco Falconi, CNR-ISPRA of Rome;
  • Valeria Ancona, CNR-ISPRA of Taranto.

Meeting with Francesco Bellino, Officer and Agronomist of the Puglia Region, at the headquarters of the Region in Bari (Italy) – 31 January 2019

Meeting with Francesco Bellino, Officer and Agronomist of the Puglia Region, at the headquarters of the Region in Bari.

During the meeting, Dr. Grazia Masciandaro presented the Subsed project, describing its objectives and expected results. In particular, the conversation covered aspects related to the use of dredged sediments in agriculture, with assessment of limits, advantages and costs. Particular attention has been paid to legislation, which unfortunately does not currently allow the use of reclaimed sediment in agriculture, but for which the LIFE Subsed project is working intensively.

Life Subsed at the Bucharest Bioterra University (Romania) – 14-16 November 2018

Life Subsed at the international conference “Policies and strategies on biodiversity and environmental protection that affect the culture of life”

Dr. Grazia Masciandaro, from CNR of Pisa, took part in the national conference held at the Bucharest Bioterra University on 14-16 November 2018, during which the new Subsed project was presented and the related information material has been disseminated.

Life Subsed at the event of the V National School of Environmental Monitoring, near Taranto (Italy) – 29-30 November 2018

Life Subsed at the event “I Siti Contaminati: Caratterizzazione, Metodologie analitiche, Analisi di rischio, Bonifica”

The Life Subsed project was presented at the 5th National School of Environmental Monitoring during the event held in Taranto on November 29th and 30th. The information sheet and the agenda of the event are available at the following link.

Dr. Grazia Masciandaro, first researcher at the CNR of Pisa, participated as a speaker with an intervention entitled “Trattamento dei sedimenti di dragaggio per la valorizzazione e l’applicazione agro-ambientale: esperienze di progetti europei“, during which it was also presented the new Life Subsed project.

Life Subsed at INDustrial TECHnologies 2018 in Vienna (Austria), 30-31 October 2018

Life Subsed at INDustrial TECHnologies 2018

Thanks to the participation as speaker of Dr. Grazia Masciandaro, first researcher at the CNR of Pisa, Life Subsed was present at the INDTECH 2018 conference (“INDustrial TECHnologies 2018 – Innovative industries for smart growth“), which took place on the 30th and 31st October in Vienna.

The intervention of Dr. Masciandaro, entitled “New bioremediation approach for soils and sediments“, was held in the framework of the Pillar 1 Technologies for sustainable growth, Session 1.3 – Environment and decarbonisation, and presented the results of the projects in which CNR was previously involved and the new LIFE Subsed project.


Photo gallery of the event